A Peek Into The Craft Bazaar At RK Beach

Craft Bazaar RK Beach Vizag

If you’re looking for craft shows, The Craft Bazaar near RK Beach is the place to be. There’s always a throng of people at this space, looking to buy craft items, despite the bazaar being here since February last year. Our intern would consider herself ‘non –artsy’ person, and yet she was left mesmerised by all the wonderful crafts from wood, jute, plastic, cloth and other various materials on display. The bazaar offers Vizagites a wide variety of items to meet every budget. This is where you can head to pick from a wide range of accessories and more.


From the wide array of items that one could lay their eyes upon, Vizagites would be spoilt for choices as there is everything exciting for all the ages. Majority of the items that one could find there are also eco- friendly in nature. Whether one has a taste for murals or small decorative items which one can use to decorate their home, each of the pieces here tell a tale about the local culture they’re from.


The bangles here represent the traditional beliefs, customs and stories of the communities from Rajasthan made from glass and lak which one can’t resist to buy and wear on their wrists which ranges between Rs 90-700.The myriad range of dolls and puppets, handcrafted so beautifully, is sure to leave the viewers spell bound in just Rs 10-1000.


The bazaar has wall clocks and beautiful paintings ranging between Rs 500-5000/- . They have kitsch items like baby pouches, keychains and cute accessories for kids between Rs 40-120/- only. Special sandal incense are also sold here, providing a soothing fragrance.


There is also a counter for different types of sweet, sour and a pinch of salty homemade pickles from Rajasthan which will just leave your mouth watering. Adorable clay idols, pottery and wind chimes are what you can’t resist to buy ranging from Rs 50-7000. Summer wear cotton kurtis, leggings and skirts are also sold in a huge demand. They also have beautiful and colourful curtains for your room.


One can also find a number of handbags, all affordably priced to attract the lot of trendy youngsters, made of jute and cloth ranging from Rs 50-700 bucks. They have those comfortable ballet flats that cost between Rs 250-500 and other footwear for ladies for not more than Rs 550. You can also gift your friends beautiful neck pieces and chokers from a wide range of choices, priced at just Rs 120-400. Search for a beautiful pair of jhumkas, studs, rings or long chains, you are sure to find something you like. You can find them all here with range just starting from Rs 10- 350 only.


If you are on the hunt for beautiful or funky home decor and good accessories the Craft Bazaar is a must go, they’ll be here for at least 6 months more.

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