Commercial vehicles older than 20 years cannot be used in India from 2020

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The Central Government of India has recently taken the decision of capping the life of commercial vehicles to 20 years. This implies that no commercial vehicles like trucks, taxis, buses etc can be used for more than 20 years.

The rule is going to be applied from 2020. Therefore, any vehicle, bought and registered, in, or before, the year 2000 will no longer be used on the roads. However, there will be no such rule for the private vehicles. Alternatively, they have to pass a fitness test, post which they can continue.

Since there will be a mechanism of capping, the age starting from 2020, the older commercial vehicles will be automatically be deregistered from the records. It is estimated that at least seven lakh commercial vehicles, registered before 2000, will be out of the road in 2020.

In addition to this, it is also reported that the Government of India will provide some tax relief to the people who scrap their old vehicles and buy a new one against it.

This decision was taken in a meeting in the Prime Minister’s office. The meeting was reportedly attended by officials from Niti Aayog, as well as different ministries such as transport, heavy industries, finance, and environment.

The GST Council will also be proposed to allow the sale of old vehicles, as a scrap out of the GST regime.

This story has been first published on Times Of India

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