5 things every commerce student will relate to

commerce students

The word ‘commerce’ might immediately ring bells with colossal business houses and worldly lynchpins. However, in a more realistic world, there exist many humble souls who script their own tryst with commerce each day. Yes, we are referring to the innumerable students who study Commerce for brighter prospects. Much similar to any other course, this one too is associated to many stereotypes. Here are 5 such things to which Commerce students would relate.

#1 The dreaded question

From the neighbour next door to the occasional alien from Jupiter, everyone needs to get one question out of their system when they meet a commerce student. “Commerce? But why?” Just to let you know, Engineering is not the only subject to study and coding “Hello World” is not the only job to do. 🙂

#2 Everyone says Commerce is easy

Settle in a group and share your difficulties in the course, only to hear the most irritating stereotype, “But commerce is easy. No?” Of course, it is easy. Just try explaining Yield Variance. #IYKWIM

#3 The struggles to balance the balance sheet

A balance sheet and a commerce student would still be a better love story than Twilight, any day! Only Commerce students would know the struggles of balancing the assets and liabilities in the balance sheet. And yes, before balancing a sheet, don’t forget to count your stars right as you might be teleported to Wakanda if something goes wrong.

#4 If any calculation goes wrong

What are the most commonly held perceptions among common people? Superman can fly, Spiderman can crawl up buildings, and a Commerce guy can do calculations in a jiffy. While the first two are superheroes, the same isn’t true in our case.

Pro Tip: Miss a calculation by a minor margin and get ready for that ‘”Why are we wasting all our hard-earned money on you?’ look from parents.

#5 The new taunt

Forget Newton’s apple and Schrodinger’s cat. We have a new theory in town. Yes, as you might have guessed it already, B.Com Physics has become the latest rage. And please, stop asking us if B.Com does have physics in its curriculum. We ain’t any politician to clarify!

PS: This article has been written by a Commerce student. It has created in a lighter mood and isn’t intended at offending anyone.

The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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