6 things every Mechanical Engineering student will relate to

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Mechanical Engineering is one of the most famous disciplines. There have been many eminent engineers who emerged with flying colours out of this stream and are doing their bit in making this world a better space to live in.

This branch, however, much similar to other branches, has its fair share of relatable stereotypes. Here are 6 such common things that every Mechanical Engineering student will relate to.

#6 The “Khakee” Uniform

Oh, those Mechanical Engineering workshops! Not sure how fond are the lessons learned about Tinsmithy, Carpentry, and Blacksmithy, but one fond memory of every mechanical engineer’s wardrobe is the “Khakee” uniform. And by the way, it would be a sin to forget the coat that goes along with it.

#5 Hatred for the programming languages

“Hello World!”

The last thing any Mechie would want is to write a few lines of code using any of the programming languages. And by the way, if this helps, we ( the article is being written by a mechie) can type “Hello World!” better than anyone!

#4 Dreads of Engineering Drawing

One subject that gives a tough tussle to the capabilities of any Mechie is that of Engineering Drawing. With drafting machines as their weapons and drawing charts as their battlefields, these guys fight out of their skins to emerge out triumphant.

#3 A place where masculinity thrives

Something that has been bothering these guys since ages. Yes, you guessed it right. The number of girls who take up this branch is negligible, to say the least. On the brighter side though, Mechanical Engineering is also a place where brotherhood flourishes like nowhere else.

#2 The “evergreen” cliché

The most gullible term that these guys hear to throughout their course. Be it before joining, or right before the placements, or even after getting placed, for reasons dating back to stone age, everyone feels that Mechanical is an evergreen branch that offers many opportunities to its students whereas the hard reality is something else nowadays.

#1 Cursing IT jobs

Remeber the 5th point on this list? Love for hardcore machine engineering and passion towards coding somehow has rare occurrences of synchronisations. But owing to the number of jobs that are offered by the IT giants, Mechies too, much similar to the students of all other branches, end up getting a software job. By the way, you the curses that follow!

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