The campus diaries of Raghu Engineering College in Visakhapatnam

raghu engineering college, visakhapatnam

Four final year students from Raghu Engineering College in Visakhapatnam share interesting aspects of their fun-filled college lives.

The Dreamer

Haritha Chekuri is an ECE student, who holds big aspirations in life.

Favourite Professor

Kumar Sir, who taught us LICA and ECA.

Sweetest senior encounter

What started with ragging on the first day of college, eventually developed into a wonderful friendship with one of my seniors.

Best memory in college life

The previous year’s fest was really special and I will cherish it for many years to come.

A dream you’d like to see coming true at Raghu Engineering College

I wish for a day when students can go out of the campus freely without being interrupted by the watchman.

Ms Optimistic

Meghana Addepalli of ECE is an easy-going girl who cherishes and lives every moment of her life.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done in your college

Even though I’m from ECE, I sat in a CSE classroom for an entire day just to chat with my friend.

First-day experience

I still remember the feeling when I entered the campus bustling with loud noise and crowd. That’s when I realised this will be my home in Visakhapatnam for the next four years.

A unique thing about your college

The internal networks between different branches on the campus are unbelievable.

A memorable trip with your gang

Our trip to Araku, in Visakhapatnam, was truly unforgettable.

The Happy-go-lucky guy

Sai Kiran of ECE is known for his sense of humour and love for food.

The typical start to a day at college

Trying to choose whether to attend classes or sneak out for a movie.

One thing every Raghu Engineering College student will relate to

Tiptoeing across the parapet wall near the canteen for a thrilling escapade.

The go-to place near your college

We generally flee away to Thagarapuvalasa, which is home to a lot of movie theatres.

A professor’s pet phrase that’s famous in your college

“Hello, are you able to understand?” by our favourite Sri Lakshmi ma’am.

The Cricketing guy

Sujith Reddy, an ECE student, maintains the perfect balance between studies and cricket.

The best thing about Raghu Engineering College

Our cricket ground, where I hang out for most of the time.

Widely discussed topics on campus

Cricket and movies, any day.

Affair with Library

I visit our library only to be “safe” while bunking classes.

Most awaited moment of your college life

I am looking forward to holding the call letter for my dream job.

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