First Sea View and now cigarette @17 rupees, what is happening?


We were trying hard to cope up with the pain of saying good bye to Sea View and another disaster takes places. Yes, the GST thing has hiked the price of our cigarette and now we will have to buy it for 17 rupees * cries blood tears *.

Imagine the pain of collecting a change for 7 rupees {unless you are ok with 3 chocolates later} and smoking it while crying over the hiked price. The GST may have messed up with our finances as well, but the pain of buying a cigarette for more money surely aches our heart.

Earlier in 2008 when smoking became illegal in public places, smokers were in tears and a country which has 12% of world’s smokers, it became difficult to control smoking in public places.  People have been seen smoking in weird places since then but the smoke factor never left people. Imagine how addicted people are to smoking cigarettes.

Indian government has been doing many things to bring the ‘acche din’ but what we got till now is mediocre days with increased taxes. The GST maybe a good thing for country’s economical progress {or maybe not} but the effect on smoke is definitely saddening a lot of people.

Note: Yo! Vizag does not encourage smoking at any level.

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