Podis or Chutney Powders is true love for the Andhra foodie soul.


Spicy. Super spicy. Soul food. A food lover keen on Andhra food cannot miss the relishing of our fave zing thing. ‘Podis’ or ‘Chutney Powders’ are a regular thing for us. We love them, have them and always relish them. Think about a non-Andhraite or non-South Indian. For them, the Podis are a fascinating thing to try and many get hooked on to it. Aromatic, savory and healthy, chutney powders lift a regular lunch or snack to a delectable level. Our Amma, Ammamma and elderly folks make it with love. The taste becomes exceedingly good with a homemade touch to our simple meals.

How we love to eat Podi’s?

  • Hot rice and a dollop of Ghee.
  • Dosas, idlis and more.
  • Over stir fry vegetables.
  • Packed lunch boxes on the go or travel.
  • Quick fix for lunch or breakfast accompaniments.

Why is it good for health?

  • Lentils are a good source of proteins.
  • Spices are health powerhouses.
  • The hot, chilli component is a metabolism booster.
  • Additional ingredients like garlic, curry leaves etc have their own host of health benefits.

The list of favourite podis for all of us is too long cause of the various personal varieties that we have. Tweaking a regular Chutney Powder for a loved taste happens all too often. A certain Kannad or Tamil touch to an Andhra Chutney powder is possible. The major Chutney Powders relished by all food lovers are these –

Karivepaku Podi or Chutney Powder with Curry Leaves

This Podi is one of the tastier ways to consume the curry leaves. Nothing short of a super food, the curry leaves have amazing health benefits. We usually discard them in sambhars and dals but this way we have a tasty accompaniment. The curry leaves are extremely good for skin, hair etc. Have it with rice and ghee or tiffin dishes.


Verusenaga Pappu Podi or Chutney Powder with Groundnut Powder

A health power house this chutney powder adds the kick of ground nuts. The taste makes them a delicacy themselves, not just a side. Add it to anything for a spicy and lip smacking treat.

Kandi Podi or Gunpowder (named by Brits!)

The love for Kandipodi is true, unadulterated love. Childhood memories and comfort foods have this star player of Andhra food. Toor Dal is the main ingredient of this protein packed goodie. Pipping hot rice or soft idlis, kandi podi tastes good with all.


Vellulli Podi or Chutney Powder with Garlic

Fiery hot on the pallete with a touch of roasted garlic is what makes this an amazing chutney powder you must try to believe. Not for the faint hearted but one’s with a taste for super duper spicy Andhra food.


Idli Karampodi or Chutney Powder  for Idlis

The podi that loves idli and that which idli loves. Corny sentences are whetting the appetite already. Karampodi with ghee is a true match for our taste buds. Gets us every time we taste and the humble idli becomes heaven.



A savior for days when you do not want to cook too fussy but you want to eat tasty. The podis or chutney powder is a gift to Indian cuisine from us. Pan india is the fan base for our home food and we love it.



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