Visakhapatnam to be developed as “Innovative Valley” on the lines of Silicon Valley


AP Chief Minister Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday said the state is endowed with people with innovative skills and his aim was to develop Visakhapatnam as “Innovative Valley” on the lines of Silicon Valley in the US. Speaking at the special plenary session on Technologies for Tomorrow at the Partnership Summit-2018, he said that the purpose of real-time governance was to empower people through the use of technology. For this every family in the state should have one person with computer knowledge, he said. One government, one citizen, people first and visible government and invisible governance were the concepts on which his government would work.

He said that he has been roping in private agencies to provide various services, this would result in saving of about 30 percent of funds which could profitably be used for other welfare measures. Giving an example, he said that 40 lakh LED bulbs were provided without spending even a single rupees.He had also referred to the real-time governance and asserted that this would enable him to monitor every activity of government departments. Performance indicators are taken into account from every government department and this would help him fixing responsibility. Real-time governance would also ensure transparency and prevent fraud and other ills in various departments.

He said that the government was keen to attend to all grievances of people and just a voice call would ensure that his grievance is attended to. Feedback would be sought after attending the grievance and only then the file would be closed. He would be able to monitor all aspects of governance personally, he said.

The above has been put forward as received in a Press Note

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