Ivanka Trump misses an impressive visit, turns down Chandrababu Naidus invitation

ivanka trump
ivanka trump

In what can only be termed disappointing, an invitation to visit Visakhapatnam or Amaravati, extended by CM Chandrababu Naidu was turned down by Ivanka Trump.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is putting no stops to increasing the global visibility of the state and his plans were to invite the daughter of U.S President for visiting the state. Ivanka Trump was extended an invitation to come and spend some time at Visakhapatnam or Amaravati but that is not to be. As per reports, Ivanka Trump turned down the CMs invitation and what we can say is that the visit would have been a great one for her. Having come so far, a chance to witness the brilliant beauty and development of Andhra Pradesh would have been a great experience.

Ivanka is currently on a visit to Hyderabad to attend  World Entrepreneurship Summit and the Andhra Pradesh government tried to extend a friendly invitation for the visiting First Daughter of United States to divert some time here. Sadly the invitation from Chandrababu Naidu was turned down by United States authorities. A request was forwarded to US Consulate that Andhra Pradesh was in readiness for organising the event either in Amaravati or Visakhapatnam. No response has come after this.

The efforts of the Chief Minister for extending the hand of friendship is appreciated and either Amaravati or Visakhapatnam or both would have been a truly great idea.

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