CCTV cameras will monitor and crackdown traffic violators in Visakhapatnam


Traffic violators will be dealt with a no tolerance policy as Visakhapatnam sets up 2150 CCTV cameras around the junctions in the city to monitor and crackdown.

It is no joke when we tell you that you are being watched. CCTV cameras are the modern equipment for a stringent way to monitor and crackdown on those who do not follow traffic rules. A threat to themselves and others, such people are a major risk to Visakhapatnam. Not anymore. Be it breaking a signal, riding in threes on a two wheeler, speeding etc, the CCTV cameras will now record it all. 2,150 CCTV cameras at 50 busy junctions in the city will be of the most sophisticated and cutting edge standards. Out of the 94 busy junctions in the city, 50 locations will get the CCTV cameras first. Real time knowledge on traffic violators will help police catch them and crackdown on repeat offenders too.

The technology for these systems to monitor include, identifying traffic signal jumpers with their number plates to the police control room. Challans can be issued better with this new system. This is all in addition to the traditional zoom and shooting in 180 degrees options. Add to this city monitor, the addition of 46 new traffic lights which is looking at better organization and controlled traffic situation in Visakhapatnam. 18 out of these are being set up with police department funds and the remaining with smart city project funds.

So next time one is in the ‘devil may care’ mode, please beware that you are being watched by some CCTV camera which is there to monitor you even if you do not see it or ignore it.

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