Pay Your Electricity Bill & House Tax With AnyEMI

Pay Your Electricity Bill & House Tax Bill With AnyEMI

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Ltd have signed separate MoUs with AnyEMI Online Services Pvt. Ltd. This now allows consumers to skip the whole process of learning how to pay their bills online or stand in long lines at eSeva and instead opt of cashless transactions.

AnyEMI’s representatives will now knock at your doors to collect your electricity and house tax for the GVMC and APEPDCL and you can now pay with cashless transactions. Launched as a pilot project as part of a customer-friendly initiative, the company has developed a software that gets connected to the required servers to access customers’ data. The initiative has gotten good response not just in Seetammadhara and MVP Colony, but also from fishermen in Jalaripeta.

A retired employee of VSP who resides in MVP Colony told The Hindu, “I found it quite convenient. Sitting at our home, we can pay the bills within minutes by swiping our cards on Points of Sale (PoS) machine brought by them. They also generate a receipt on a bluetooth machine and deliver a receipt instantly.

AnyEMI’s Director (Product & Strategy) Naidu Sunkari reportedly stated that they could collect bills to the amount of Rs 5 lakh for APEPDCL in the past 15 days and Rs 62,000 for GVMC in a single day on the day-1 of the waiver of bank transaction and card swiping charges.

At present, the bank transaction charges stand at 0.75% for debit and 1.25% on credit cards & GVMC is as of now absorbing the extra charges. APEPDCL is going to follow suit. Right now APEPDCL charges Rs 2 for payments below Rs 200, Rs 5 for payments between Rs 201 and Rs 1000, Rs 10 for those between Rs 1001 and Rs 2500 and Rs 25 for those between Rs 1001 and Rs 2500.

AnyEMI’s Director stated that they would strengthen their network in the entire district for the collection of bills. As a security measure, photo and other particulars of the collection agents will be uploaded to their website. Agents will also be carrying identity cards of the firm.

For details call 800 861 5500 or 800 861 2200.

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