Cancer patients get a lease of new life at just Rs.50, thanks to an Indian Doctor


Cancer patients face the biggest odds in life and what compounds the difficulty is the prohibitive price of any form of relief. An Indian Doctor gives a solution.

Indian doctor Vishal Rao of Bangalore has brought nothing short of a revolution for throat cancer patients who have lost ability to speak after removal of their voice box. He has designed an apparatus in the form of an artificial voice shell that gives a new life of communication to the sufferers. Vishal Rao wants cancer treatment to be affordable to every human being on earth and thus has designed and priced his solution at Rs.50.

Has it been tried on anyone? 

The answer is yes. As reported by “A 55 year old watchman, Ramakrishna, from Peenya district was suffering from throat cancer, was the first patient to get the prosthesis.”He was a beedi addict. He had been smoking for years to keep awake at night. He suffers from throat cancer and we had to remove his voice box. He was given a western voice prosthesis,” said Dr Rao

After surgery for throat cancer, the voice box is removed and the inability to speak has a tremendous moral regression in patients. The Indian Doctor was moved by this and the prohibitive cost of other prosthesis available in the market to come up a solution that is affordable by all.

The Device – ‘Aum’

Using the universal sound ‘Aum’ which is said to be the first sound that resonated in the Universe, the doctor has named his work on the same lines. This miracle has been extremely appreciated globally and it is now India’s turn to do the same.

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