3 brooding problems the people of Vizag are facing

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After being listed among the smart cities in the country, Vizag is reaching new scales in terms of Tourism and development. The city is racing towards modernisation to match the present generation of technology. But, along with the advancement in different fields, Vizag city is also paving its way towards some difficulties. And the problems the people in the city are witnessing is essential to be discussed. Here are some of the brooding problems that the Vizag people are facing.


Might be because of huge traffic jams or overpopulated vehicles on the road, junctions are places where the air is filled with polluted smoke. The waste collected at the dumping yard in Marikvalasa is either left unattended for days or burnt all at once. Such factors result in air pollution circulating around the neighbouring places. The pollutant outlet from the industries surrounding the port road gets coagulated in the sewers which flow alongside in some parts of the road.


If driving on Visakhapatnam roads wasn’t bad enough, finding a suitable parking space is a nightmare come true and consequent traffic dilemmas. As cars jam into every possible inch of space on either side of the road, people often have to travel an extra mile or even more just to find a spot. This can be difficult for the vehicle owner and it is worse for all those who are forced to either navigate amongst haphazardly parked vehicles or risk walking on the road itself. This besides the choke points of traffic that happen through this.


Another major problem recently coming into the limelight is the lack of proper employment opportunities. Though IT companies are investing to establish branches in Vizag, the students graduating from the colleges in the city are opting to work for bigger companies located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. And also, there are a lot of students who graduate in fields other than IT and Computer Science. Not every student from different branches opts for IT companies. While there is a need for increasing the standards of the IT companies which are being established in the city, jobs related to other fields should also be provided in Vizag.

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