Brew N Bistro Cafe Being Inaugurated Today In Visakhapatnam

Brew N Bistro Cafe Vizag

Right down the Lawsons Bay road is the hottest new café in town – Brew N Bistro. The quirky café is being inaugurated today (May 7, 2017) at 5 PM by MLA Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu.


The café cum restaurant is a bubble of happiness running on the theme of (you guessed it right) happiness! The whole point of this positive space is that people leave much happier than when they walked in. There’s even a pillar right near the entrance with ‘Happiness is…’ painted on top. Customers can fill up the pillar with whatever makes them happy, before they proceed on to have a good meal.


Continental food will be served at Brew N Bistro; that will open at seven in the morning to serve you breakfast eggs and more. Caffeine addicts – they have their own special blend of coffee that’s bound to make you happy. There’s a wall in this café that will carry only positive news stories, progressive news and stories that will bring in a much-needed burst of positivity in your life.


Selfie freaks, there’s even a thought bubble painted on a wall so you can pose in front of it and take cute pictures. The best part? They have a book shelf! So when you want to just read a book & sip your coffee in peace, guess where you’ll end up going?


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