Visakhapatnam to have a Sea Link like Bombay! Cheers


Visakhapatnam is always stated as the Second Bombay but how much justice is being given to the phrase in the current situation the city is in? We have always been proud of Vizag for its beauty and clean environment but we all agree to the point that the City of Destiny needs a lot of further development in terms of infrastructure and lifestyle.

Even though the city is being developed at a fast rate, a lot of work needs to be done to get to that megapolis stature that Bombay, or Mumbai as rechristened, has, to make our City of Destiny develop along the same lines as the City of Dreams. In comparison with Bombay, what exactly do we have? In this article we discuss about all the things that Bombay has which can be brought to Visakhapatnam to make it a social and economic success.

The Sea Link

The construction of the sea link from Bandra to Worli in Bombay was a great achievement both in terms of infrastructure and traffic control. Imagine if Vizag could have a sea link of its own. With the current growing IT Industry in the city, the traffic level is gradually rising and we need a solution to this problem. If we could have a sea link from Bheemili to Bhogapuram, a lot of traffic can be reduced and reaching the new airport will become a lot more convenient.

***We heard through our sources that a plan for a sea link is in talks. Let’s hope it turns true.***


A safe Marine Drive

Anybody who has been to Marine Drive knows how safe it is as the sea is blocked with the tetrapods; tetrahedral concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters. Since ages, the famous R.K Beach is considered unsafe due to the sand erosion but still no measures have been taken except for sand refilling. How would it be if be convert the R.K beach into something like Marine Drive with the tetrapods, or something similar, to make it safe. People could take walks, and sit for long hours, on a wide promenade with no fear of being washed away.  Rushikonda and Mangamaripeta beaches can be visited for a watery experience.

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Skyscrapers like those in Lower Parel and Worli

Mumbai is a city of Skyscrapers giving it a towerous skyline. With the growing population and increased migration, a city like Vizag also deserves to have skyscrapers. This will solve the problem of lack of places to live and will also promote infrastructural development. It can also be a catalyst resulting in economicy growth. The fact that no building collapsed during Cyclone Hud-Hud makes it clear that building work in the city is pretty solid. Does the plan of skyscrapers sound promising to you now?

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Autos rickshaw running on meters

While there is no transportation problem in Visakhapatnam, people are used to travelling in meter-less auto rickshaws. While the daily negotiation with the auto drivers has become a part of our life, it can be eliminated right away if meters are installed in every auto rickshaw in the city. This will also help the non localities and tourists to travel in the city with ease.


Cinema and music studio

Bombay is referred as the Film City and City of Dreams (Sapno ka shehar) and it totally justifies with all the movie/music studios available there. A small studio {like the one we have} does no justice to the beauty and resources of the city like Vizag and we owe for a better film studio. A sight of film soot is common in the city and we should give a better platform for learners to enhance their skills and also promote Vizag as a shooting destination.


All in all, these are some of the obvious features of Bombay that we feel can tried to be replicated in the City of Destiny. It is now just a matter of time and for us to wait and see.

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