Body Positivity Is In. Fair And Lovely Is Out.


Two Videos that will make your day. No matter what your skin color is and no matter what is your body type, you are fantastic. Let no one dim your shine or brainwash you against you. These Youtubers clarify that imperfect is perfect and you are the best just the way you are.

Aranya Johar has spoken superbly on the so called standards of beauty and perfection. She kills the stereotypes with her powerful video poetry that has gone viral over just a few days. ‘The Brown Girl’s Guide To Beauty’ the title of her piece has won millions and why not? She speaks one language with us and stands for positive strength. Cheers for this 18 year old. Have a look and have your mind and heart changed forever is it hasn’t already.



The other video is going make your tummy hurt laughing because it is that hilarious. The message is not though!! Ram Subramaniyam  who runs ‘Voice of Ram’ on Youtube takes a dig at Fair and Lovely and why this product has become an ideology. He doesn’t stop at that and challenges it for perpetrating a generation of stressed people who are worried about their face value. Hear him out. He makes sense. Though not very new, the video is relevant and must watch.

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