Fortis Healthcare launches 24*7 Helpline to help fight Blue Whale Challenge.

blue whale challenge
blue whale

Blue Whale Challenge has already claimed quite a number of young lives and risked others. Fortis Healthcare on Thursday launched a 24×7 helpline to provide psychological help to those who find themselves trapped in the online suicide game. The helpline — 8376804102 — is available 24*7 for those who are under going mental and psychological stress of being trapped in the game.

The 50 day destructive and disruptive Blue Whale Challenge was the brain child of an un-repentative Russian convict. The game dares and challenges and psychologically traps young people. These players are driven to perform destructive and self-danger inflicting tasks with the final task being suicide. The proof that the players are mandated to share of each level completions is used to trap them. Threatening and suppressive circumstances created by game administrators lead to the victim being ensnared.

The Helpline: The helpline is not only available for the young people but also their family members who can report any abnormal behavior changes or sudden psychological disruption. It is an intervention to mitigate lives claimed by Blue Whale challenge. Learning to beat the game and avoiding it as well as extracting a trapped teenager is the aim of the helpline.

Trained mental care givers will deal with the subjects to provide help. the helpline comes in urgent circumstances with news of trapped and victimized teenagers hitting the headlines everyday.

Government measure: the Government has banned the game in India. Internet platforms that serve as routes for the game such as Google, Facebook, Watsapp etc have been mandated to erase the links of the game.




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