Top Breakfast Places In Vizag

What time is it when the same old toast and cereal aren’t motivating enough for you to get out of bed? What time is it when it’s too late for lunch and too early for dinner? Vizag, it’s Tiffin Time. We bring you not just a couple of places but seven names for seven days of the week.


Fluffy, thick, spongy dosas slathered in a mixture of ghee and spices are the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed Sunday. Top it off with aromatic and sweet smelling filter coffee to kickstart your Sunday.

Where: Venkatadri Vantillu, Waltair Main Rd
What: Ghee-Kharam Sponge Dosa

pongal-in-vizagWake Up Monday

A comforting rice and green gram dish flavoured with pepper, ginger and cashews that’s tempered in ghee are ideal to beat the Monday morning blues.

Where: Nethi Vindu, Ramnagar
What: Pongal

hotel-meghalaya-vizagFiery Tuesday

Spicy cousin of the bland idli, with a mixture of red chillies, black gram, Bengal gram, ghee and spices generously smeared on top, Guntur idlis at Visakhapatnam will keep you on the go through the week.

Where: Hotel Meghalaya, Asilmetta
What: Guntur Idli

daspalla-executive-courtMidweek Wednesday

A nutritious, spicy and filling concoction of rice, lentils and vegetables, Bisibelebath is definitely mid-week for it’s a balanced dish that ensures you get your dose of carbs, protein and veggies. Did you say fat? It’s served with ghee and crisps.

Where: Executive Court, Ramnagar
What: Bisibelabath

sai-ram-parlour-vizagBusy Thursday

Crispy, healthy and melt in the mouth, the best way to have this is along with ginger chutney. And head there early, for Pesarattu is often the first dish to go out of stock.

Where: Sri Sairam Parlour
What: Onion Pesarattu

guntur-idliTGI Friday

Soft mini sized idlis served on a banana leaf with a dollop of fresh butter and karam podi. Smells good, tastes heavenly and is the perfect place to get away to on Friday evenings.

Where: Good Foods, Jagadamba
What: Butter Idli

yummy-dosa-vizagEnd of the Week Saturday!

If the looks of a place don’t bother you much, then head here for some delicious surprises. Top of the list of course is their tri-coloured, fun dosa made with different batters and flavoured with tomato and mint that look yummy and tastes yummier.

Where: Sri Kanaka Durga Parlour, Dabagardens
What: Three-in one Dosa

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