Visakhapatnam is a heaven to enjoy in winter and here’s why


For many winter is not just about the cold but enjoying it as well and Visakhapatnam is a heaven for people to have a spot of fun. Here is how and why.

Winter months spell cool weather and warm, cozy experiences. For others winter is a time to enjoy by being out and about in the midst of nature. Visakhapatnam lends itself a heaven for those whose pursuit is to enjoy this. Be it a  getaway or enjoying by the beach, Visakhapatnam has multiple avenues for all to enjoy. Here is how-

#1 A snowfall if one is lucky in ‘Kashmir of the South’

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Source – The Better India

Not just in winters, but throughout the year, the temperatures stay below 10°C at Lambasingi. Those in luck could have a bit of fun in the snow too.

#2 Coffee and Hot Chocolate at Araku Valley

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A visit to the beautiful Araku Valley, a short distance from Visakhapatnam is incomplete without a visit to the Coffee House. Those who love coffee and search the best spots in winter to enjoy, look no further.

#3 Trekking, Camping and more Adventures

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The hills and valleys also provide opportunities for adventures such as hiking, trekking, & camping on hills, valleys or right withing the heaven of urban city life in Vizag.

#4 Plantations of coffee and pepper along lush green valleys

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Nature at it’s best and best enjoyed with loved ones. These lush green coffee plantations give you a tableau for a photograph that few other places can give.

#5 Misty ghat roads and Thrilling train journeys

Oh the joys of winding mountain roads. Add to this the surreal mist and suspense of the cliffsides and curves on the Eastern Ghats that embrace the port city of Vizag.

All this and much more waits those who seek to enjoy outdoors. Pull on those jackets and boots and set out for experiencing heaven right on Earth.

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