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BBQ & cocktails at Infinity, Novotel Varun Beach

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The roof-top all-glass bar and kitchen at Novotel, Varun Beach offers much more than a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal with an all new menu of BBQ, innovative cocktails and more.

The Setting

The view from Infinity is top-class, with sapphire skies and the teal beach wrapping you in an elegant glass cocoon. A unique and novel experience is what awaits the patrons. An enticing new menu that is an array of exciting hors d’oeuvres, main course and cocktails beckons. But the culinary art is reflected in the theatricality with which these dishes are prepared and laid out in the plate.


The Presentation

Giving the regular old tableware a miss, Infinity presents their fare on steak stones/lava stones that once heated can retain heat for up to 2 hours. What looks like a regular old Pina Colada is presented with a glass of whiskey that is heated at your table before being shaken in with the cocktail. The result is a drink strong enough to make you want to inhale the fumes before drinking, for that extra punch.


The Fare

Be it the Barbequed Hot Dog or Grilled Polenta – the food comes accompanied by in-house barbeque sauce and chilli flakes to season it according to taste. The Royal Infinity Sampler is the perfect pairing to drinks, with tandoori broiled native fish and prawns, chicken and lamb. The drinks themselves are a summery delight – be it a Long Island Ice Tea with watermelon and mint, or a marmalade coloured concoction of tequila, orange, Cointreau and vodka.

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Yo! Recommends

The best part of eating at Infinity is that one can “cook” their own starters on the hot steak stone. Be it marinated paneer or a juicy tenderloin; guests can “cook” their meal as desired. Do not miss out on the Morrocan Flat Bread or the Chennai Shrimp Tacos if you’re in for something unique. Those looking for comfort food, pair your Tandoori Rolled Bread with some chef’s special Crab Xec Xec. End your meal with a Hot Panchoco – a fluffy pancake stuffed with ice cream, paired with rich chocolate sauce and nuts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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