Bad roads, potholes continue to be a setback in Visakhapatnam

Bad Roads, Visakhapatnam
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Visakhapatnam, in recent times, has become home to potholes, dug up roads. It is literally on a daily basis that one or the other local meets with an accident. Bad roads also point at the bad management. 

Most of the roads that share these problems of unplanned infrastructure, get worse in the Vizag monsoons as the potholes get exposed and the gutter sewage settles into them. This also makes the road slippery and even more dangerous.

With the launch of the underground cabling project, several areas in the city like Dabagardens, Seethammapeta, Madhuranagar and others have been dug up and left unattended too. This is the reason for long strenuous traffic jams in the city. These traffic jams are a major hindrance to the citizens of Vizag.

The residents of Visakhapatnam share their concerns below.

“I come across at least two potholes every 1 Km in Madhurawada. While on the way to college or even work, the roads are dug up in most areas and are left unattended too. I have witnessed a few accidents and traffic jams. When it comes to giving indications of potholes, there are none. It is absolutely careless behavior from the State Government’s side.”

-Anurag Manchikanti

“Potholes are literally everywhere in the interiors of Madhurawada. Because of the many kacha dug-up, potholed roads, there is a lot of dust generated. While I don’t have a dust allergy or asthma, I know a few people who could be triggered. 

 When it comes to accidents , yes, people brake suddenly, skid because of the mud. I’ve personally slipped on my bike many times, especially during the monsoons. There are no indications as well, pointing at a pothole. 

My father has written a complaint, but no action has been taken.”

-Serena James

“I have come across potholes very frequently in my area and around the city. This condition is a major reason for back and neck injuries. I have witnessed many accidents over the past years because of the prevalent road conditions. 

Once a while, I see indications of potholes. I have written about the matter several times, but no action has been taken yet.“

-Ruth Sirisha

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