AV Show On The Evolution Of ‘Telugu Basha’ At Telugu Heritage Museum


Today marks the first anniversary of the Telugu Heritage Museum atop the Kailashgiri hill. To mark this occasion, an AV show is being conducted for an hour on the evolution of ‘Telugu Basha’. The Telugu Heritage Museum is the only place in India that’s dedicated to the heritage and history of the Telugu language.

How to get there

Once atop Kailashgiri, the hall can be accessed through the unpaved dirt road on the left. Pass the huge VUDA KAILASHGIRI sign to get there. The museum has adequate parking near the museum compound.

Entrance Fee

Rs 20 per adult & Rs 10 per child at the Telugu Museum ticket counter + Rs 50 per vehicle for entry to Kailashgiri.


The doors close by 5.55 PM, so be there by at least 5.45 PM or before to enjoy a spectacular view of the city from the museum.

For further information

Contact Jayshree Hatangadi on 94412 25338.

Photography is prohibited inside the hall during the show.

Feature Image Credit: Vizag – The City of Destiny (FB)

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