Astrology predictions for 2018- Here’s what’s in store for you this year

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Astrologer Pushpa Saran, from Visakhapatnam, brings all that the year 2018 has in store for your zodiac sign. Here’s what the astrology says.

Aries, 21st March – 20th April

You are independent, ambitious and enterprising.
This year shall prove to be great and you are likely to get cooperation and assistance in your pursuits. Earnings from professional pursuits, particularly from foreign trade or business are likely to grow. An improvement in professional status is indicated wherever due. Those in the profession of consultancy, counseling, and healing shall do well. Students wishing to go abroad for higher education shall succeed in doing so. Relationship management at home and with relatives shall need careful handling which can be mitigated by a possible relocation. Good time for those in line for marriage. Care should be taken for chest/back, knees, teeth and the EENT region. Supporting underprivileged children in education shall prove to be helpful for Arians.

Taurus, 21st April- 20th May

You love authority, self-reliance, and pleasure.
You have to be cautious and careful this year as your actions may not be appreciated as they may be out of the box. Misunderstandings leading to ego clashes shall affect your peace of mind as well as the relationship with superiors/authorities. You shall, however, be able to overcome the challenges and opposition. Students appearing for critical examinations have to put in that extra bit of hard work to make up for the element of luck. Relationship management, particularly with respect to siblings, partnerships, and associations need to be handled with care. Health matters related to breathing, lower back and digestion shall require greater attention. Supporting the elderly in general and women, in particular, shall be beneficial for Taureans.

Gemini, 21st May to 21st June

You are creative, quick-witted and vivacious.
Your creative instincts and hard work shall be appreciated this year. Your earnings will improve largely due to cooperation from associates and partners. Those in the field of fashion, interior decoration, healing, and financial consultancy shall prosper. Decisions related to professional matters shall prove to be effective. A sudden gain in wealth or status can happen for some whereas others might liquidate their inherited properties profitably. Be careful with what you speak as chances of misunderstandings in the family are high. Health with respect to the EENT region, teeth or skin needs to be watched. Women, in particular, should keep visiting their gynecologist. Supporting education of underprivileged children can minimize the negative influences.

Cancer, 22nd June to 22nd July

You are emotionally sensitive, inquisitive and dexterous.
This year you would like to assert your independence, which may prove to be counter-productive particularly with respect to your associations and togetherness. Sometimes quitting is not the best solution. You need to bring greater effort into your enterprise to make things happen. You shall be restless and will need to maintain a positive outlook. Outcomes in the professional fields may not meet the expectations. Relation with someone in authority may become a cause of concern. Students may find the going tough. Health shall remain unstable particularly with respect to the chest/back region and the organs around the navel. Serving elderly or those suffering from leprosy shall prove to be beneficial for Cancerians.

Leo, 23rd July to 23rd August

You are aristocratic, ambitious and a leader.
This year you shall be able to take important decisions and put them into practice as well. With the help of your partners and associates, you shall be able to expand and gain in your professional domain. You shall overcome obstacles, opposition, and setbacks. Your leadership shall be accepted and appreciated. You may need to shift base to achieve your goals. There can be unexpected heavy expenditure, particularly on the treatment or hospitalization of some loved ones. Students are likely to fare well in their pursuits. Now is a good time for tying the marital knot. Those suffering from health issues shall recover effectively. Serving elderly women shall be beneficial for Leos.

Virgo, 24th August to 23rd September

You are friendly, adaptive and fond of learning.
You shall make favourable changes in the professional spheres which shall help in expansion and growth. There is likely to be a spurt in your earnings which can manifest from more than one source. However, speculation in any form is not advisable. Your creativity shall be rewarded but you should avoid getting involved in too many pursuits. Be cautious in matters pertaining to emotions and relationships. An associate or partner may decide to part ways. Expenditure is likely to be incurred in repair, maintenance or renovation as well as on family health. Students need to put in extra effort to achieve their goals. The digestive system, skin and the back shall remain vulnerable. Supporting differently abled persons shall be beneficial for Virgo borns.

Libra, 24th September to 23rd October

You are idealistic, just and positive.
This year you shall make greater efforts for expansion and growth. Prosperity in your professional sphere along with enhancement in status and position at the workplace is likely. There can be sudden changes in your work profile too. You will make new friends and associates will cooperate and contribute to your efforts. A favorable development that you have been waiting for will fructify this year. Now is a good time for students to make the best use of their teacher’s advice and cooperation. Family matters need to be handled sagaciously. The year is also a good time for tying the marital knot. Health, in general, shall be good, however, watch your back and knees. Helping educate underprivileged children shall be beneficial.

Scorpio, 24th October to 22nd November

You are observant, focused and have a subtle mind.
Quitting an association or a pursuit for you is not a good idea unless it is for moving towards a higher goal. There can be a delay in realising your objectives this year particularly in professional and financial matters. Those in the profession of consultancy, counseling, and healing shall stand to gain. Speculative investments are not advisable, however, you are likely to purchase property, vehicle or means of comfort and luxury. Peace of mind is likely to elude you due to frequent changes in the environment which may also affect your health particularly with respect to digestion, the cervical region, urinary tract and the lower back. Contributing towards promotion of health and hygiene shall be beneficial for Scorpions.

Sagittarius, 23rd November to 21st December

You are a philosopher, an expansionist and a natural advisor.
A fortunate year as you stand to gain from both your fortune as well as your enterprise. Professionals will see improvement in status, position, income, and gains. Trends are favorable for you this year but you need to accept the slow pace of developments. Despite a good income, you may find it difficult to make savings or capitalize. A good year for students, particularly those looking for professional specializations. Exercising patience and careful use of vocabulary can help you in managing relationships and family matters fruitfully. This is a good time for tying the marital knot. Health issues related to the EENT region, the back and the organs around the navel shall need careful attention. Supporting undernourished women folk shall be beneficial for Sagittarians.

Capricorn, 22nd December to 20th January

You are focused, persistent and thoroughly committed.
This is the year for progress and expansion in your profession. You shall shed the baggage of the past and become more decisive on life goals. Those wanting to relocate for professional improvement are likely to achieve it. Promotion in the workplace is likely. Students wanting to go abroad for higher education shall achieve their objective. You may refurbish or renovate your home and will not hesitate to spend on luxury and comfort. Purchase of a new vehicle or a new house is likely. Relationship management shall be challenging and some near and dear ones can move away due to misunderstandings. Be wary of overindulgence as health can get affected. Supporting ophthalmic treatments for the underprivileged will help in achieving goals.

Aquarius, 21st January to 19th February

You are sensitive, humanitarian and concerned for social causes.
This year shall prove to be a remarkably fortunate one for you as many long-cherished desires shall come to fruition due to favourable changes in the environment. Those looking for employment shall get gainfully engaged. Students shall be able to pursue higher education/specialisation in their desired fields. Opposition and opponents shall suddenly lose their significance. Those suffering from ailments since a long time shall chance upon appropriate lines of treatment. Others need to watch health issues related to the feet, the chest/back as well as the EENT region. Matters at home, however, shall require careful handling. A good time for tying the marital knot. Supporting education of underprivileged girl children shall be beneficial in getting better results.

Pisces, 20th February to 20th March

You are restless, idealistic and emotional.
You need to be cautious in taking critical decisions as the outcomes may not match your expectations. There will be delays and temporary disruptions in the professional domain which shall get undone in the last quarter of the year. An issue from the past can get revived to cause concern. Those in business will feel the need to borrow for sustenance and growth. Scholars pursuing research shall succeed in getting recognition. You should keep a close watch on health issues which are likely to take centre stage this year particularly with respect to the chest/back, knees, digestion and the urinary tract. You need to value discipline and patience this year. Visiting religious shrines shall help in mitigating the challenges of the year.

Pushpa Saran

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