APIIC proposes Rs 1,155.86 Crores project for Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor

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Rs 1,155.86 Crore worth project has been proposed under the Visakhapatnam zone of the Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC) by the AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC).

95 MLD bulk water supply for Rs 303.6 Crore, infrastructure works for Rs 700 Crore and development of Achyuthapuram and Anakapalle four-lane road Rs 172 Crore are mentioned in the proposed project.

The water project has been proposed to meet the requirements for the industries which are going to be established in the corridor. Godavari water through the Yeleru canal would be used for the project.

Speaking to TOI, a senior APIIC official on condition of anonymity said, “The state government has okayed the proposed works for the VCIC project, but they did not issue any administrative sanction for the Visakhapatnam node’s works.”

“The government might have not received proper clearances for the proposed works by the APIIC for Visakhapatnam node. That is why no administrative sanctions so far,” the APIIC official mentioned.

From the Yeleru canal, a 27km long pipeline would be laid to supply water to the Visakhapatnam node. To obtain approvals, APIIC wrote letters to the Railways,  National Highway Authorities of India, the state irrigation department and GVMC.

An R&B official said, “The widening of the four-lane road comes under the department of roads and buildings, which would also take various other approvals from the electricity department, and civic bodies.”

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