After a long day at work, I boarded a cab to home. A couple of traffic signals later, our cab took a right turn only to find a bike almost rammed into us. P.S. He wasn’t drunk. It was neither by accident. It was a result of oodles of oxytocin secretion. For those who are blissfully unaware of what it has to do with running into our vehicle, it is a love hormone! A young couple so into each other and almost snuggling, zipped away in a zig zag manner almost zooming into vehicles and slowly out of sight. PDA! Umm…Ok!

So, you are in love. Wow, what a heady feeling must that be! Bet you have eyes only for your beloved now, and your heart is bursting to express its love for her/him…But must you do it publicly??? That is the question we are asking the youngsters in love. Why must you go all lovey-dovey in public?

Er…do not get us wrong. We are no moral police here, only rabble-rousers with a difference. To be exact, we are anti-PDA. For the uninitiated souls, PDA stands for public display of affection. We are not against affection, mind you. Only its public display. One often comes across couples holding hands and whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears. The scene has become quite common in pubs and restaurants across the city. Even on the beach, one can find couples deeply engrossed into each other, often using a huge rock for cover. Now, we are all very happy for you, and do wish you luck on your journey together, but can you please do us a favour and save us the embarrassment?

People, visiting with their families, often find the environment quite awkward, especially if they are with their kids. In extreme cases, they have even had to leave the premises to avoid further discomfort.

Now, we are not asking those in love to cap their feelings. We are only urging them to bear in mind that there are other people around too, and that their mutual behaviour must posses some semblance of civility in it. The temptation to break into a song-and-dance routine, a la Bollywood, to announce your love must be very hard to resist, but what to do – we are like that only.

Therefore, the next time you rendezvous with the love of your life, let your eyes do the talking. As it is famously known, “Ankhon hi Ankhon mein ishara ho gaya, baithe baithe jeene ka sahara ho gaya…”

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