Andhra University, Visakhapatnam to unfurl the National Flag of India at 400 ft on campus.

national flag
national flag

The Tricolour will unfurl at a height of 400 feet at Andhra University campus in Visakhapatnam and such a show of patriotism and respect to the National flag of India has already irked many.

The Tricolour, National flag of India will unfurl at an astounding height of 400 ft and Andhra University Registrar P Umamaheswara Rao has confirmed this. The decision to accord the national flag such a tall show of respect has a lot of nay sayers too. The Andhra University authorities have cleared their stand by revealing that the decision was taken by the Executive Council. The decision and confirmation has not come in a hasty manner. It was after much deliberation and requisite clearances have to be obtained by People power Organisation which will erect it. The imposing structure to mark pride in the national flag of India will need to have clearances obtained from civil aviation department and other government agencies.

The installation that will no doubt become a major landmark in the city of Visakhapatnam at the premier Andhra University has to come up in accordance with a lengthy check off list. This will include location, standard specifications, maintenance of the structure and security arrangements etc at the deputed site. Lot of ire is coming from various organisations in the city as well as political front regarding the ulterior interests of the University as well as the practical good of having such a tall structure to mark the national flag of India near the coast line. Doubts are being raised over the practical aspect of the plan in a place where rough winds crossing high speeds are not uncommon.

The argument is on but the sight of the tricolour unfurling at such a great height on a location such as the Andhra university campus definitely will have its takers in the Visakhapatnam populace.

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