Andhra University Visakhapatnam now adds a Defence Research Center

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Progressive and far seeing, Visakhapatnam’s premier Andhra University now adds a new and groundbreaking, Defence Research Center.

Armed with a budget of 70 crores INR, Andhra University Visakhapatnam plans to set up a Defence Research Center and it is no mean business. Cutting edge new and far reaching in terms of actual, defence wing, research centers, the one in Andhra University can definitely be termed ambitious. This announce of plans came from the Vice-chancellor of Andhra University, G Nageswar Rao. the University is not alone and the Indian Air Force is going to be a part of the team. Air force officials have paid a visit and are already in talks to the Andhra university staff.

A power point presentation was organized by the AU Engineering College Principal. It covered the research projects that already underway in the various departments of the college. A proposal for 8 projects has been presented to Air Marshal Sanjay Sharma, Air Vice Marshal BK Sood, the Group captain as well as the Wing Commander who were here. Speaking of the various fields under consideration, corrosion, cyber security, electronics and mechanics have been shortlisted by the Air Force Officials for expert guidance and focus.

While speaking on the scope of defence research center, the defence research will target manufacturing expertise in indigenous technical apparatus. A futuristic and brilliant plan, Andhra University collaborating to strengthen the scope of defence technology comes as a welcome move.

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