Andhra Pradesh and Odisha police heat up investigation on student death in Visakhapatnam

student death
student death

The death of the Odia student of Sri Chaitanya has both Andhra Pradesh and Odisha police heating up the investigation in Visakhapatnam.

The death of the Odia student of Sri Chaitanya has police of both states i.e Odisha and Andhra Pradesh stepping up the investigation process. Odisha Police have handed over the FIR copy to PM Palem police in Visakhapatnam. The death of Shreyash Kesharwani who was a student of Sri Chaitanya studying in the intermediate level is shrouded in mystery. The deceased was just 16 years old hailing from Sambalpur.

Shreyas as per the reports was a victim of ragging. Allegedly injured by hostel mates, his parents treated him at Rourkela and after that in Bhubaneswar where the young student passed away. The incident has sparked major public outrage, both in Odisha as well as Andhra Pradesh. Police from both states have increased pace and field of investigation. CCTV footage has been taken in evidence for the probe but the crucial footage of inside the hostel is not there. There were no CCTV cameras inside. The only footage obtained shows Shreyash being taken to hospital and brought back and later on going home with parents.

Students have been questioned by PM Palem police to shed light on the matter. Those who were allegedly involved in the mysterious ragging process have been called up for questioning. To attain clarity on the cause of death and more, the postmortem reports are awaited from Bhubaneswar.

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