Chief Justice of India to decide about Andhra Pradesh High Court

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Regarding the set up of Andhra Pradesh High Court, the Union law ministry has asked the AP Government and Hyderabad High Court to decide a place earlier. Now, the home ministry has submitted a statement which states that the Chief Justice of India would be deciding the place for the Court.

“Establishment of the court in Andhra Pradesh can be done only after the Chief Justice of India (CJI), in consultation with AP government, decides the place and availability of necessary infrastructure for the High Court,” Deputy Secretary of the Ministry, Krishna Kumar, said in the statement.

In the earlier statement, it has been mentioned that AP Government and Hyderabad High Court Chief Justice should decide about the place. It also said that the Central Government is ready to follow through with the place decided by them.

The Home Ministry also stated in the statement about the Polavaram Project. The statement mentioned that a counter has been filed already upon the concerns raised by Odisha Government regarding the project. The Odisha Government raised issues about the design of the project which might put Odisha habitations in danger.

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