Citizens asked to pick their favourite design for AP Assembly in Amaravati

Amaravati, bonds
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The Andhra Pradesh government has almost approved the designs for AP Assembly to be built in the upcoming capital of Amaravati.

A meeting comprising of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, officials from Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA), representatives of architectural firm Foster+Partners, filmmaker SS Rajamouli, and others, was held at the Secretariat on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the Chief Minister has chosen a tower having the Assembly hall on the ground floor and other facilities above, which include space from where visitors could have a bird’s eye view of the capital region.

The CRDA officials have, however, decided to seek public’s opinion over the two designs that have been finalised. Depending on the response, the officials will zero down on the final design taking inputs from SS Rajamouli.

The citizens can choose their favourite design here.

The government also released the videos of the two proposed designs.


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A video showcasing the proposed installation of ‘Telugu Thalli’ in Central Hall of Assembly, visualized by SS Rajamouli has also been receiving a good response in the social media.


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Speaking to the media persons, SS Rajamouli said, “At the beginning of this exercise, I helped in documenting the aspirations of the Chief Minister, who wanted the building to be a show-piece of Indian-ness and one that reflects the richness of Telugu history and culture. Now, I provided images asked by the F+P. Otherwise, my contribution is as little as that of the squirrels in the construction of the Rama Sethu.”

Rajamouli on his role in Amaravati design – TV9 Today

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Earlier, the government had released 13 proposed designs for the assembly building in Amaravati. After receiving the response from the public, and considering several other factors, the officials pinned down on the above two designs. The new capital is expected to be built with a whopping estimate of Rs 58,000 crore.

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