Air India passengers anger leads to her and duty manager slapping eachother

air india
air india

At the busy Terminal 3 in New Delhi, a woman flier and an Air India duty manager got into an altercation that lead to the duo slapping each other.

Passengers at the busy Terminal 3 in the New Delhi Airport have witnessed the shocking incident of a woman flier on Air India and the duty manager of the same airlines exchanging slaps after a heated argument. This happened at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday after the passenger arrived late and wasn’t allowed to board her flight.

The woman flier in question was to travel on the 5 am New Delhi-Ahmedabad Air India flight 019 but reached the boarding gate just as it had closed. She had arrived after the stipulated time that the passengers and flier are supposed to report. She was thus denied boarding. This lead to the flier staging a heated argument with the Air India New Delhi staff. It was after this that she was directed towards the duty manager who also happened to be a woman. An argument ensued, leading to a scuffle and the passenger allegedly slapped the staffer and vice versa.

The flier as per reports happens to be the wife of a senior bureaucrat from the Haryana government, who is currently in Gujarat on election duty. The parties later on resolved the issue and compromises were made. The New Delhi Police had by then received an update on the scene at Terminal 3.



Such incidents are on the rise and aviation ministry is doing it’s best to curb the issue. To this effect they had introduced a no-fly list which will not look at position, gender etc of the passenger. The reason behind this is not just to control the misbehavior on the rise but also the security threat it poses at many instances.

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