Knitting hammock out of plastic twine, Srinivas, a fisherman from Srikakulam displays his wares


“Knitting hammock out of plastic twine, Srinivas, a fisherman from Srikakulam displays his wares.”

‘I’m a fisherman from Srikakulam, and my main work is making and repairing fishing nets. But the market is slow and I prefer making hammock’s and bags from plastic twine for city dwellers here. So, every month, I buy the material I need to make hammock’s from my hometown in Srikakulam and then come to the city. I sit by the pavement of AU outgate and knit these hammocks and then leave for my hometown after the stock is over. Making these isn’t difficult for me, it is only the sales that are indefinite. I sell the smallest one for Rs. 70/- and the largest hammock for Rs. 500/-. I even make small bags out of string. On some days I’m able to generate a good sale, while on other days, the income is not enough. I’m not literate, so I don’t know my age, perhaps I could be 50 or 60. Back home, I have my family that includes my wife and two children. While my son works in the same line as me, my daughter is married.

We are fishermen, but here in Visakhapatnam, hammock’s are well sought after and so I come here to make some extra money. I never went to school and my children never studied either. Most of our time goes into our occupation. If we’re not making hammocks, we make and sell fishing nets. This is my bread and butter and I don’t have any aspirations on increasing my business.

I only want my family to be happy and I want to give them a comfortable life. I’ve had a rough life, have been in the midst of many fights, but have never needed to depend upon anyone for support. Even today, I earn my own living. And I hope that this will continue and things will be easier for my children.’

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