Zip Lining and Kayaking right in the middle of the city – Yo! Vizag Exclusive

Yo! Vizag exclusive

Livein Adventures is coming up with a package of eco-friendly adventure sport activities at the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary in Visakhapatnam and things have never been this exciting. They have collaborated with Andhra Pradesh Tourism and Forest Department to come up with these adventure activities for civilians within the wild, in tune with the harmony of nature.

A trial run of these exciting activities are going on with a crew of six members before the official opening in the second week of July. The Yo! Vizag team went to a trial run on Friday morning and the experience we had was more than amazing. Instead of just giving you information pertaining to these adventure sports, we decided to take you along on the ride.

The day started with comforting yet dark clouds, cold drizzle and the muddy roads of the wildlife sanctuary. Activities like Burma Bridge, Zip Liner, Sky Walking, Goat Walking, Tyre Walking and Kayaking were what lay in wait for us.

Burma Bridge

Hung 70 meters above the ground, the Burma Bridge is a must try. The peppy yellow coloured ropes and wires will seem like child’s play to cross, but you’ll get to know the reality once you’re on it. The crew will provide you with all the safety gear needed, but the amount of thrill and excitement the bridge gives is way more than what we expect. The planks on the bridge seem to be the easiest part, but wait for the surprise once you reach them.

Zip Liner

The Zip Liner is reward for crossing the Burma Bridge successfully. Once you reach the other end of the Bridge, you are bought to the initial position via a Zip Liner. With the same safety gears, the pulleys on the rope bring you swiftly back to the initial side with you hanging 70 meters above ground. This activity is amazing and the joy you get while finishing this task cannot be described in words.

Goat Walking

This activity also looks really easy but one can experience real fun when they get on the wooden logs. The key here is to maintain focus, keep your body light and move forward till you reach the other end. This activity takes place 20 meters above ground and is filled with thrill.

Rope Walking

This adventure activity takes place 50 meters above the ground. You will be tied up to a rope with safety gears and have to reach the other end by pulling yourself to the end with the wire. The amount of pressure on your bare hands can bruise you, so make sure to use the gloves provided by the crew.

Tyre Walking

The tyre walk is probably the easiest and fun activity you will experience there. You have to cross a series of colourful tyres joined together 20 meters above the ground. Underestimation is not an option here as the tyres will be pressed due to your weight and this will make it immensely difficult to make a quick move on the tyres hung above the ground.


This might just be the best thing we experienced at the wildlife sanctuary today. Paddling our way into a beautiful lake cocooned in greenery, the calmness and beauty around you are so attractive and appealing that you do not want to leave. The nature around you seems to come alive when you ride a kayak into that beautiful lake.

What’s More?

While these activities were today’s highlight, adventures like Snorkeling, Zorbing, Camping, Hiking, Trekking and a team building activity consisting of scavenger hunt will also be organised by the team in coming days. The team also plans to offer fishing where you will catch your own game and later deliciously barbeque it. Can you imagine how fun it will be?

The whole point of Livein Adventures planning a new adventure activity campaign in Visakhapatnam is to promote eco-friendly tourism in Andhra Pradesh where neither the wildlife, nor the marine ecosystem is disturbed with adventure activities. Not a single motor operated machine is used in the whole tourism plan here and this is what the world needs more of.

These activities will cost you 200 INR [per person] for each activity and a combo package will cost you 500 INR [per person] which will include all the activities. Plan a day with your family or friends after the tourism campaign starts and visit the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary to experience the best of what Vizag has to offer. Who knows, you might even spot a dotted dear or a wild boar while having fun with your loved ones.

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