Corrupt employees of sub registrar office caught in ACB raid

bribe from commoners
bribe from commoners

A group of corrupt officers got busted when the ACB  raided the Sub Registrar office in Super Bazaar. The ACB officials took control of the office and the staff. These staff members were trying to collect bribe from people over there. They seized the documents and the cash found in the cupboards and questioned the officials on the same.

Later, the officials took control of an employee’s two wheeler. When the employee was told to open the vehicle’s trunk, he said he had lost the vehicles keys. So, the officials had no option but to break open the trunk. The trunk had a liquid amount of Rs 49,000 which was sealed by the ACB.

During this raid, the ACB has managed to seal an amount of 2,21,000 along with some crucial documents.

While addressing the media, DSP K.Ramakrishna Prasad informed that many middlemen and document writers were getting involved in extracting bribes from the people.

The latest story of a commoner who was asked bribe

A man who went to this sub registrar office for land registration was asked to pay a bribe. He was asked to pay an amount of 80,000 in total to get the job done. The man took this matter to the ACB’s notice. The ACB responded swiftly and raided the office around 4 pm on Wednesday and arrested the workmen who were exploiting people for a bribe.

Not only this incident but there have been many instances in the past when the people were harassed for paying a bribe to get their work done. From marriage registrations to land registrations, common people are being asked to pay a certain amount for their respective work.

It’s also to be noted that former sub-registrar, Pothuraju, who worked at the same place also got caught in an ACB raid.


News credits-Eenadu

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