10 things to which all the 90s kids will relate to

90s, kids

The 90s kids had a very different childhood when compared to what we see today. Here are 10 things to which each 90s kid will relate to. Get set to go down the memory lane.

1. Your parents never let you stay awake post 10 PM

2. You always re-read the editions of your favourite Tinkle, stories of Chacha Chaudhary, Suppandi etc.

3. It was a huge deal if your parents owned a Maruti 800

4. You always felt too cool while smoking those ‘spooky’ sweet cigarettes

5. You bought Boomer with every 1 Re you saved and collected those tattoos you got free with it

6. Is there anyone who didn’t like playing brick games? Your Sundays and holidays were never complete without these!

7. Admit it, each one had a collection of cassettes and we were totally pro at fixing those tapes using pencils

8. Boost was the secret of your energy too

9. F-L-A-M-E-S was the most authentic way to decide if you had a chance with someone #IYKWIM

10. No birthday party was complete without colorful cracker chips & a big glass of Rasna

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