7 simple ways to avoid sunstroke and staying safe this summer

Ways to avoid a sunstroke

Summer is the longest, hottest and often the most difficult season for Vizag especially, with temperatures feeling higher due to the humidity. While a vacation to a hill station seems like the best option, there are many who have to brave it out in the city. So for those who have no such plans, you need to take proper care as this heat can lead to various summer illness be it heat stroke, dehydration or heat exhaustion. We bring you 7 easy ways to keep yourself healthy this summer and avoid the deadly sunstroke.

#1 Have plenty of fluids

Fruit juices, coconut water, water or a simple lemonade should top your list, so stay hydrated. Avoid cold drinks as they are not healthy.

#2 Reschedule

Try to schedule your work for cooler parts of the day ie., during the evening or early morning. If that’s not possible, cover yourself with a hat, scarf and apply sunscreen generously. Also take rest frequently in a cool shady spot whenever possible.

#3 Wear light, wear right

Wear lightweight clothing that is comfortable, and try to wear light coloured dresses as they won’t absorb heat from the atmosphere.

#4 Kid-safe

Take special care of your children and allow them to play outside only during evenings when the weather is cool. Divert your child’s mind by playing an indoor game or by making him read his favourite storybook.

#5 Stay cool

Avoid being in an enclosed area for a long time with no proper ventilation. Keep your surroundings cool by switching on fans and opening the windows.

#6 Steer from the spice

Stay away from spicy food and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat fruits which have a high water content in them like watermelon, cucumber, tomato and other yellow/ orange coloured fruits and also have plenty of leafy vegetables.

#7 Don’t expose

Don’t allow any of your body parts to direct sunlight as the direct cause of sunstroke is exposure to extreme heat and sunlight. Try to take a light umbrella whenever you go out.

Best tip

Be lazy and just relax at your home under the fan and enjoy a tall glass of juice.

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