7 Amazing facts about Tu-142 that is now the Aircraft Museum in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, Aircraf museum
aircraft museum

One of the best things to come to Visakhapatnam in 2017 was the Tu-142m as our very own aircraft museum. Here are 7 amazing facts about it that you must know.

Many among us in Visakhapatnam have already paid a visit and still more among us are planning a visit sometime soon. Yes, the aircraft museum that is developed around ‘The Albatross’ i.e Tu-142m is a crowd puller and matter of pride for the city. But do we know the story and extraordinary truths behind this celebrated war hero. Here are 7 super amazing facts about the Tu-142m that will surely blow your mind.

#1 It is Russian in origin, designed by Tupolev Design Bureau and manufactured by the Kuibyshev Aviation and Taganrog Machinery Plants. Russia gave us the original consignment of the aircraft in 1988.

#2 It is the world’s heaviest and fastest flying turboprop aircraft. The decision to make it a celebrated museum in our Visakhapatnam is not a wonder anymore.

#3 It has given India and the Indian Navy 30,000 hours of accident free service. Talk about rendering services to strengthening Indian defense, this aircraft has done it all.

#4 It is an anti-submarine and surveillance operations expert that can detect the lowest noises such as that of nuclear powered submarines, underwater.

#5 It can remain airborne for 16 hours at a stretch which is no mean feat. Because of this, Tu-142m was referred to as the guardian of high seas having been sent frequently on patrolling missions.

#6 It is a war hero having served in Operation Cactus at Maldives, as a part of Operations Vijay and Parakram as well as surveillance operations off Sri Lanka. An asset to the Indian Navy and defense forces of the nation.

#7 It was commissioned at Dabolim, Goa and was de-commissioned at INS Rajali on the East Coast recently.

Next time one plans to visit this museum, one must bear in mind for sure, the war virtuoso which is Tu-142m.


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