Samantha is much more than meets the eye, 7 surprising facts about her


One of the more popular heroines of South India, Samantha enjoys a huge fan base. A bubbly and sprightly public image with power packed performances is her domain. She is multi-lingual and multi-cultural and of course she is multi-talented. For all her fans, we have 7 amazing facts about Samantha.

  1. She is a mutli-cultural South Indian actress: Born to a Telugu father and Malyali mother, she is acquainted with both cultures. Having grown up in Chennai, she considers herself Tamil too. A blessed India truly, Samantha takes pride in her heritage.
  2. Acting came out of necessity: Of the many jobs she did in her 20s, Samantha came into acting much later. The strained finances forced her to take up odd jobs, modelling etc.
  3. Goes by the name Yashoda too: Reported by various magazines and tabloids, Samantha goes by the name Yashoda too. While dating Siddharth, he called her Yashu. Samantha’s close friends and family call her Yashoda too.
  4. Founder of an NGO: Samantha is the founder of teh NGO Pratyusha Support which promotes health care  for poor kids and women. It has Livlife Hospitals as partner.
  5.  Inspired by Audrey Hepburn: The actress draws inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, an iconic Hollywood actress. Audrey Hepburn has affected her personally as well as professionally.
  6. Loves ‘Paalakova’: Samantha loves food and her taste is not just South Indian. A lover of sushi and oriental cuisine, she loves eating Paalakova too.
  7. Has overcome Diabetes: Samantha is a fighter and has overcome the life altering disease of diabetes. This is from way back in 2013. She has recovered but had no trouble playing the character of diabetic ‘Subbalaxmi’ from her movie.

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