5 things every Vizagite is tired of hearing

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Visakhapatnam is a city we love so dearly. From the scenic beauties to the tranquil life, the city has lots in store to make us fall for it. While living in Vizag is becoming ever more engrossing, there have been certain stereotypes attached to this place for ages. Be it the relatives or the friends who come over here, they just don’t seem to get over these stereotypes and pester us with those cliched myths. Here are 5 things that every Vizagite is sick of hearing from the outsiders.

#1 Take me to the beach this time

From a distant relative to your long-distance girlfriend, it seems as if these people know only about the beach in Visakhapatnam. Also, get ready to be a good host and click pictures of them with those gushing waves in the background.

#2 What’s there to eat in Visakhapatnam dude?

Try not to point a gun at them if they say so. Explain that the city has grown manifold over the past few years and it’s no longer just Sairam Parlour and Daspalla now. There’s a lot more to get the foodies jumping.

#3 The city is so small

Feel sorry for those who say this as little do they know about the bliss of swishing around in a cute city like Vizag. From reporting to an important meeting in the last minute to reaching the beach in a few moments, this city makes it all possible.

#4 No proper multiplexes and shopping malls as compared to metros

Does any metro have the pristine beaches and lush green hills? Does any metro possess such vast covers of greenery? Each city has its own distinction and if the stats are anything to go by, Visakhapatnam is a booming place in the state right now.

#5 The girls here are so pretty

Agreed that this is true but please don’t hurt the sentiments of the innumerous guys who are “forever alone”.

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