5 favourite hangouts for coffee lovers in Visakhapatnam

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Here is the list of 5 favourite hangouts, cafes and best brews recommended by avid coffee lovers in Visakhapatnam.

When it comes to coffee, we in Visakhapatnam are very particular about it and relish it. Here is the list of crowd-pleasers where the local populace makes a beeline for grabbing a hot cuppa and a bite. Be it in breaks, hunger pangs or just an excuse to chat and gossip, caffeine is the fuel for life and cafes in town the place for it.

#1 The Gallery, Siripuram

Caramel Frappe, thick cold coffee made with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Sink in and sip slowly to relish it.

Cost – Rs. 249

On the side – Veg/Non-veg club sandwich

#2 Cafe Coffee Day, MVP Colony

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The Cinapple, cold coffee with hints of sweet caramelised apples and subtle fiery cinnamon. A treat if you love Apple Pies.

Cost –Rs. 115

On the side – A decadent chocolate truffle cake.

#3 Barista Lavazza, R.K Beach Road

Cappuchino, combination of coffee with foamed and steaming milk on top for great aroma and taste. Classic, well-loved beverage.

Cost – Rs.90

On the side – Egg Brekwich

#4 Pastries, coffee and conversation, Dutt Island

Cafe Latte, brewed to the best combination of coffee, hot milk and fluffy froth on top. A crowd favourite.

Cost – Rs.50

On the side – Cheese Garlic Bread


#5 Kaloreez, Siripuram

South Spice Coffee, a twist in the regular beverage for mildly spiced aromas such as cinnamon, elaichi and masala.

Cost – Rs.50

On the side – Chilly garlic sandwich

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