5 sweets of a Telugu household that everyone must try

Famous Telugu sweets that can be prepared at home

madata khaja sweet
madata khaja sweet

Andhra and Telangana are generally famous for their fiery pickles. Be it the avakayi, or the magayi, the Telugu states boast of a wide variety of pickles. These pickles are not only famous in the country but are exported to other countries too!

However, not many people know that a Telugu household can impress everyone with some wonderful sweet dishes as well. This festive season, impress your loved ones with these delicious sweets.While there are numerous like ‘Pootharekulu’ and KakinadaKakinda Kaja’, not all can be easily prepared at home.

Here, we bring you 5 sweets that can be easily prepared at home and relished.



Kajjikaylu are one of the most famous sweets in Andhra and Telangana. They are light, crispy and beautifully shaped. With a crunchy outside, Kajjaikaylu are filled with a sweet stuffing that can be made out of different ingredients. The stuffing is generally made out of a dried coconut with a tinge of cardamom. Additionally, some nuts can also be added to enhance its taste.

Madata Khaja

madata khaja
Madata Khaja

Madata Khaja is also known as the Tapeswaram Khaja which is famous all over the country. This spiral shaped maida sweet is a treat to anyone. It has crispy layers that are fried to perfection and is filled with a sugary syrup. The unique combination offers you a crunchy sweet bite that is bound to bowl you over.



Ariselu are one of the most frequently prepared sweets in a Telugu household. They are round shaped snacks that are made with rice flour and jaggery. These soft delicacies, which are garnished with sesame seeds, will leave you craving for more.

Teepi Gavvalu


These tiny sized sweethearts are everyone’s favourite. Teepi Gavvali are tiny sized shell shaped sweets made out of maida and jaggery. Gavvalu are fried till golden brown in colour to gives a crunchy effect. These are generally prepared during festivals and are just loved by the kids.

Minapa sunnundalu


Sunundalu is the age-old sweet dish of any Telugu household. These spherical sweets are made out of urad dal and sugar/jaggery. In fact, it has been a long tradition to give sunandulu to any person leaving his/her to travel to other places. Such has been the speciality of this dish in a Telugu kitchen.

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