10 Things to do to enjoy a rainy but happy Deepavali


People’s spirits have dampened with warnings out for heavy cyclonic rains on both days of Deepavali i.e 18th and 19th of October 2017. Now the children and adults are in anticipation of what is ahead especially since the memory of the Cycone Hudhud is fresh in everyone’s memory. That said, people have chosen to spend a noise-free and pollution-free Deepavali. Here 10 things to do to keep rain Gods away from spoiling your festival mood.

  1. Keep the lights aglow – So what if it rain outside? The first suggestions in the 10 things to do is to cozy up with loved ones and friends by going crazy with fairy lights, string lights, lamps, aromatic candles and LED diyas. Let no corner be dark and your home look like a dream scene.
  2. Choose a festive theme – Throw a house party and chose a theme. Let everyone be taken up in the excitement of dressing up, costumes and eats and games to go. You will be a star for doing this.
  3. Spruce up indoors – Clean up your abode, room, studio, home sweet home because we do it come rain or shine. Let your house sparkle and your surroundings.
  4. Make/Buy/Treat yourself to goodies – Say bye to your diet and let the aromas waft across the street to invite others. who says we cannot enjoy good eats if it rains? We can n we will. Sweets, namkeens and savouries.
  5. Rangoli, diya painting DIYs – A well loved and across state borders loved craft and hobby, rangolis adorn houses and hearths and one of the best of the 10 things to do. Let color play with kids and family involve all in a happy pursuit.
  6. Involve the entire family/gang – Get along everyone on board so that the rain Gods fail against your team. Pray it doesn’t rain but be prepared and plan.
  7. Cards party and indoor plans – Get a pack or packs and your family or gang and get started. Soft drinks, hard drinks and small eats on the stand by.
  8. Low smoke and low hazard, light based crackers – Don’t give them a total miss this time but choose wisely. Some crackers that can be played in the verandah or porch or balcony like sparklers, flower pots etc can be done without risk.

    source – trekearth
  9. Cocktails/Mocktails bartending yourself – Turn into a bartender and try the tricks up your sleeve. Google some yummy mocktails and superb cocktails to add jazz to your house party and get guests in the mood.
  10. Community involvement – Get out of your home and merge in the collective celebration. If the colony is celebrating in a well appointed, rain proof location then problems are solved. Tag along and take your crackers, eats and goodies.

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