Things in Visakhapatnam you relate to only if you are a Vizagite yourself

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Visakhapatnam is not only a Port City or the City of Destiny, it is a city of dreams and joys in small and big things. While we rejoice the big and amazing things new and old right here, small things too give our lives that little edge here. Everyday when we step out to the time we wind up our day, the city Visakhapatnam touches you. This is how we enjoy the little things. So read on.

  1. Leaving home hungry to grab hot breakfast on the way at the quaint tiffin centers – Who needs breakfast to go when you can have it on the way at all the mouth wateringly delicious tiffin centers in town.
  2. Coffee and a puff/samosas by the beach – The standard POA for most who go to RK Beach in Visakhapatnam for a coffee break or an evening stroll. Reasonable and made tastier by the salt spray, this is feel good factor.
  3. Fishing folk being a part of our daily life – Be it the little boats dotting the seascape or the fish folk carrying their wares on their heads as they pass you by, the merry lot are an integral part of our life.
  4. Flyovers across the city that have us smiling when we are zooming – The Telugu Talli flyover or the flyover towards dockyard, our roads keep us driving happily. Right across, cutting the traffic and catching a glimpse of the city around you as you go. Ah!What a beautiful sight.
  5. Fighter planes zooming overhead as you grab a look – The naval aircrafts exercise and zoom overhead in Visakhapatnam and the sight and sound make you feel their very presence. A safe and comforting feeling, knowing you got the armed forces watching over you.

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  6. Packing Alpha Biryani for hogging with friends and family – Forever love and forever good, Alpha Biryani is ours to enjoy especially when you find out-of-towners yearning for it. We still pack it to take back and relish with our group and it’s our favourite still.
  7. Long drives to Rushikonda and beyond – An exclusive pleasure of local crowd, long drives in Visakhapatnam are a must do on god weather days and a pleasure when you have to do it anyways.
  8. Untimely showers that catch us unawares – Rain Gods have blessed us many a time in inopportune moments and while we berate and curse we love it. Hot and humid Vizagites relish the downpour and the beauty of it.
  9. Getting crushed on Beach Road on Sundays but loving it – Where are you if you haven’t Bech Road on a Sunday. Guranteed it will be congested and a sea of humanity but it is ours to enjoy on weekends and we do so without fail.
  10. Just living here everyday in this ever growing town of ours – Everyday we watch our city grow and few places are as dynamic as Visakhapatnam. A vizagite knows the pulse of the city and loves the steps forward it takes.

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