10 Experiences to have in Visakhapatnam at least once


New experiences are what keeps the tempo of life upbeat and here the 10 best experiences which one must not miss in Visakhapatnam.

What better time than now to try something new with the new season already here and the holidays and new year coming up. Experiences give you memories to last a lifetime. The best part is that for some of the best experiences you do not have to go far. So here are some plans we have with the best experiences in town.

#1 Lie back and look up at the Stars.

Lying on a bed of grass and staring at the vast expanse of stars above is easily one of the simplest and best joys in life. Idyllic and perfect, at the same time romantic as well thrilling. Head away from the pollution and dust of the city to the purity of Lamasingi for best enjoyment. 

#2 Camping with loved ones

Araku Valley or Tyda or a short camp at Yarada Beach within the city, this is an activity that is best done together with friends and loved ones. Choose a good day, carry your essentials and tent and set it put. The only thing needed after this is some good music and food.

#3 Birding with Binoculours

Go spot the birdie and you will discover a whole new colourful avian world that is chirpy, uplifting and unexplored. Take care not to disturb them as the city hustle bustle is already too much for them. Train your lens and get clicking.

#4 Adventure sports at Kambalakonda


There is something one has to experience to understand. All we can say is that, starting from Burma Bridge to Goat Walking etc everything is right there for you to pick, choose, try and enjoy. Go ahead and pull your boots up.

#5 Coffee indulgence at Araku Valley

Known for it’s coffee, the quaint Valley of Araku will tantalize your senses when you combine the cold breeze of the season with the warmth of a freshly brewed coffee mug. The aroma and the setting is an experience, one must not miss.

#6 Sitting and listening to the waves in silence

Spiritual, healing and introspective!! Please do not underestimate the sound of silence filled only by the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

#7 Hauntings and their stories

Much more chilling and thrilling than watching a horror filled is being a part of it. So check out the neighbourhoods of Vizag for any haunted stories and if one is of the brave kinds, then visit these places. It can be real scary fun and it is one of the best experiences that one remember for a long time to come. May be we can go ahead to the European cemetery.

#8 Hilltop coffee with a beach view

One of the simplest and best experiences in life is to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with tasty snacks and eats to go with it. Head to the cafe atop at Rama Naidu Studios for a splendid view of the beach side and the hilly air soothing you.

#9 Running the Vizag Navy Marathon

experiencesWith lifestyles that have become sedentary, it’s time we get active and what better way than to do it than through running a marathon. What’s more, because we’re Vizagites, we also get to participate in the fun Navy marathon that’s held every year. So this year instead of making resolutions on how to cut the carbs, start your fitness training, participate at the marathon

#10 Fishing with the locals

An unexpected joy and a truly enriching experience to have in Visakhapatnam. This is the best way to interact with the fishermen who constitute a principal part of this sea side city.

Hope you’ll indulge in at least a few of them. Being a part of the city lets you enjoy them much easier than outsiders who come here for it after all.

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