World Record Keeps Evading Artisan From Etikoppaka

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Miniature Chessboard World Record

An artisan from Etikoppaka has created the world’s smallest chessboard measuring a mere 1.1 millimeter. Due to lack of a high precision camera, the 39 year old S Chinnayachari has now made a 5.5 millimeter version to gain visibility for his art and to make it to the world record books.

He used cactus thorns for the pawns on the chessboard, with each of it measuring only 0.1 millimeter. It took him 28 days to make the 1.1 millimeter chessboard and 18 days for the 5.5 millimeter one. He spent six hours a day for making these miniature chessboards, hoping to make it to the world record books.

But the world record continues to evade him. Guinness Book of World Records last year rejected the 1.1 millimeter chessboard that S Chinnayachari submitted. He claims the quality of picture as the reason for the rejection, stating that it probably looked like a graphic. He recently submitted his 5.5 millimeter chessboard and hopes it will soon be declared as the smallest in the world. He’s hoping for a result in the coming days.

Chinnayachari has also made miniature models of Taj Mahal – fixed on top of a paper pin, parrots standing on a single strand of hair, a stork feeding its young ones on a strand of hair and the musical instrument Veena on a grain of rice. Each of these models are as small as the tip of a pen or the head of a pin. Armed with his tools of sewing needles, a magnifying glass and cactus thorns, this artisan creates such beauty in 15 days to a month, depending on the model.

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