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women's rights

Few Indian women are really aware of women’s rights, despite their status of education. But it is only when women have legal knowledge do they have the power to strengthen themselves.

To help Indian women empower themselves with this ammunition, the TRS Law Offices of India in collaboration with Tasmania Law Reform Institute, University of Tasmania, the Australian Government and Australia-India has launched a website (http://www.girlsgottaknow.in/).

The website has been created with its focus on the women of the 21st century. It has different tabs like relationships, employment, partying, renting, money and many others, providing all the required information for different situations.

The website has been designed in such a way that it is easy for people to navigate. Each section has a description of the situation before it takes users to the specifics. For example, the relationships section has legal details about live-in relationships, rape, sexual assault, adoption, surrogacy and more.

Under every section a brief description about the situation, and legal options available are mentioned. Indian women have got least legal knowledge and this unawareness, often does them more harm than good,” a press release issued by the law office said. While the information contained in the website is intended to be general information for women and is not a substitute for legal aid, it’s still a really good website for women to arm themselves with information.

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