Rythu Bazaars in Andhra Pradesh Soon To Have Wifi


We previously wrote how Rythu Bazaars in the city have gone digital, making transactions through Paytm accounts. Now the state government plans to provide WiFi at all the Rythu Bazaars in the 13 districts of AP. The move is being taken to encourage cashless transactions between customers and traders.

The state has a total of 80 Rythu Bazaars, 13 of which are in Visakhapatnam and 17 in Vijayawada. The project has been introduced on a pilot basis at four Rythu Bazaars across the state. Negotiations are on with banks, farmers, and officials to ensure implementation of the same without any hassles.

Paytm has been helping both the customers and traders make transactions without inconvenience. With a severe shortage of smaller denomination notes, or even notes in general in the state, it has proved itself useful. All both the parties need is a smart phone, which most of the people have these days anyway.

Having WiFi at Rythu Bazaars will prove to be a boon as it will save both parties data charges. Easy and rapid transactions can be done on the spot for exchange of goods. Plans are being chalked out with BSNL, Reliance Jio and Airtel for the same, while banks have been asked to provide PoS machines and e-wallets to the traders.

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