Here’s what the Vizagites think about bursting crackers on Diwali

visakhapatnam people on diwali crackers
visakhapatnam people on diwali crackers

Hello Visakhapatnam! It’s Diwali season and one topic that is always up for debate is here again- should crackers be burst or not? The debate has heated up after the Supreme Court has banned the sale of crackers in Delhi and the NCR region. While some people are hailing the apex court’s move, some are not happy with it by quoting their own reasons.

We happened to get to know the thoughts of a few people from Visakhapatnam on this issue and here is what they had to say.

Rajkumar, Bank Manager

“I feel that bursting crackers is not the true essence of Deepavali. It is called as the “Festival of Lights” but not as “Festival of Crackers”. As we all know bursting crackers will not only harm the environment around us but also might prove fatal to some animals. My kids do ask me to buy crackers every Deepavali but I try to educate them regarding the consequences. I also tell them that the true spirit of Deepavali lies in celebrating happiness together with our loved ones. They have slowly started to come to grips with these facts.”

Vinayak, Self Employed

“I am not in favour of the move taken by the Supreme Court. It is important to relish minute things in our lives and bursting crackers has been one such thing right since our childhood. It has been a long tradition and the kids too enjoy it to the fullest. However, it is important to make sure that certain regulations are followed as anything beyond a limit is harmful.”

Sahithi, Student

“It is high time that we adopt a change. I am an avid pet-lover and seeing my dog get scared to death on each Diwali is something I dread. There’s a lot of pollution too that is caused while bursting the crackers. Crackers originated from China and later seeped into the Indian market. The true essence of celebrating Diwali is to lit the diyas and spread happiness among the loved ones.”

Rajeswara Rao, Retired Employee

“I completely support the move taken by the Supreme Court. It is a good step to ban the crackers as the chemical substances in them are deadly. But at the same time, it is important that we remember the true spirit of Diwali, which is celebrating Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after the 14-year-exile. It should be kept in mind that any festival gives us an opportunity to overcome our weaknesses and move towards strength. Also, other countries too should not burst crackers on 31st December or any other occasion.

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Happy Diwali !! 🙂

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