5 of Visakhapatnam’s favourite Pani Puri pitstops

pani puri, visakhapatnam
Rambabu selling pani puri

How dearly do we love our favourite gol gappas? Crispy puris stuffed with a spicy filling and topped with delicious water and onions make Pani Puri nothing less than heavenly delights. With age being no barrier, this snack is enjoyed by all foodies and continues to barge ahead as the perfect choice for hunger strikes. Here are 5 of Visakhapatnam’s favourite Pani Puri pitstops.

Rambabu Pani Puri

Probably, one of the most popular Pani Puri Sellers at CBM Compound, Rambabu enjoys a large base of loyal customers. Doling out delicious Pani Puri and chaats, this friendly Pani Puri Bhayya in Vizag is known for his WhatsApp usage to keep in touch with his customers.

Raja ka Gol Gappa (Next to the old Fresh Choice bakery on the pavement)

Hailing from Allahabad, Raja and his brothers in arms make the meanest and lip-smacking Pani Puri. Head here for tummy bursting delight in just 40 bucks for 16 gol gappas. And no cheating, they are fat and filled. If you are here taste their Aloo Dum, Churmur, Bhelpuri etc.

Laddu Gopal (Siripuram)

High on taste and hygiene with no worries of achy tummies, Laddu Gopal makes the closest to a North Indian gol gappa you can get here. You might have to wait for your turn but look at the bright side – yummy, heavenly, tummy filling and right in the middle of a busy street.

Sweet India (CBM Compound)

The original stop for savouries and North Indian goodies, we have been hogging pani puris here since ages. Have we had our fill? No!! do try the additional sweet chutney for a sweet burst between savoury and tangy bites.

Sainadh Hot Chaat (Pedda Waltair)

While many pani puri stalls in Visakhapatnam serve the favourite golgappas with the traditional mashed potatoes, this place in Visakhapatnam is one among the few where you can relish them stuffed with piping hot chana chaat.

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