Watch: Indian train runs engine-less with 1000 passengers on board

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In a shocking incident that took place in Odisha, 22 passenger carriages carrying about 1,000 people were disconnected from a train engine and raced rearward for seven miles. Fortunately, the train was brought to a halt by rocks placed on the track by railway employees, and none of the passengers have been reported to be injured.

Around seven railway workers got suspended for not following accurate measures that led to the incident.  An investigation was made on how the carriages got split while journeying from Gujarat to Odisha, a spokesperson told AFP. Besides, the authorities also believe that brakes, which in general are applied after carriages are either detached or attached to an engine, were wrongly used or ignored completely.

Mishra further added that something terrible could have happened and it was the alert staff that prevented the accident by responding at the right time. The railway ministry, as well as all the employees, were completely taken aback when they heard about the incident, it has been reported.

The mishap was recorded by an onlooker and was later uploaded to social media where it became viral. The footage showed the carriages accelerating from the railway platform and onlookers screaming and yelling at passengers to pull the emergency chain.


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Source- The Guardian

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